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Next Meeting – May 23rd @ 7:00 PM (No. 164)

BYO Meal Dine Together in Foyer 6:30 | 1st Thursday of Month 6:00 Potluck (bring side) | Large Group Meeting Starts at 7:00 Main Sanctuary | Small groups at about 8:00 – 8:30 ish | Special Notice… Now offering childcare!

Healing from heartbreak…

Celebrate recovery is a Christ centered ministry (held in over 29,000 churches worldwide each week) to provide people with “hurts, hang-ups & habits” a safe place to discover the healing powers of Jesus Christ. The program is formed around the Beatitudes found in the book of Matthew in the Bible and practices a proven 12 step method to give you the tools to overcome life’s struggles. Church of the Springs hosts a Thursday evening gathering each week.

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Additional Information…

Emergency women’s contacts:

CLICK TO EMAIL Rachel Fulk     |     CLICK TO EMAIL Lori Hunt

Emergency men’s contacts:

CLICK TO EMAIL Montie Twining    |   CLICK TO EMAIL Ken Ippoliti

2024 Meeting Calendar

Adobe PDF 2024 Meeting Schedule V3 (updated 1/18/2024)

A Word about our CR chapter…

    1. You need to have achieved no special station in life or level of perfection other than being a human being of at least 18 years of age 🙂
    2. CR is a self-led “steps program” that you do on your own time AND attendance at weekly meetings. The weekly meetings consist of large group gatherings where there is a teaching, worship music and prayer for our gathering and attendees. After about a 45-60 minute large group meeting, a women’s and men’s small group “breakout” meeting is held where you can openly share thoughts that you might be having. Leadership attends and leads these meetings. Small groups end at 8:30 PM.
    3. The expectation of you is that you will…
      1. Faithfully pursue the completion of the 12 step “Steps Study” and be open to Jesus Christ bringing healing to your life.
      2. Attend weekly meetings and team up with a sponsor (help you with the program) and an accountability partner (someone you can talk to during the week).
      3. Complete the program and then be there for someone else as a leader when you are strong.
    4. We are a small CR Chapter and as such our “small groups” are currently limited to “A to Z” which means they will be general in nature. More specific topics such as chemical dependence, co-dependency issues, alcohol recovery, Military Welcome Home issues, etc will be considered by leadership and launched when more resources are available as our chapter grows.
    5. You certainly do not need to be Christian and (as stated in item 1) need to have reached no special place of perfection 🙂 to attend a CR meeting.  But we ask you to understand and to be open to the idea that CR is Christ based ministry that believes in the healing powers of Jesus Christ. You should have the expectation to learn more about that over time and after attending a multitude of meetings.
    6. New attendees will be provided at no charge the “Step 1” book.  If you keep attending, you would be expected/encouraged to work through the steps study and purchase additional books at your expense.  They are only about $6 each and scholarship provision of materials is available if you cannot afford them.
    7. We will collect donations during the large group meeting that will be placed in a designated fund of the church for the purpose of funding the ministry.  You are under no obligation to give.