Church of the Springs is made up of all kinds of people in various stages of a spiritual journey. We want to discover together all that God has for us. It is our deepest desire that the love and power of God would impact our lives to such a degree that we would be able to impact our community and world.

OUR STORYWe began as small handful of families meeting together in a living room, seeking God and his direction in 1999. God was raising up a people that would ENGAGE in authentic Christian relationships, EMBRACE a Spirit filled, Word filled life, and EXPRESS His love to the growing Dripping Springs community and ultimately the whole earth. This was and is our vision and purpose.

OUR FUTUREWe have really experienced the blessings of God in our short history and have grown tremendously from the original handful of families. In 2004, we were able to purchase property right in the heart of Dripping Springs on RR 12 and SportsPark Dr. We are excited that we have now completed the building project and are meeting in our permanent location. We continue to increase in our ability to fulfill that original vision and express God’s love not only in Dripping Springs, but all over the world. Together, we stand on the truth of the Bible, and look toward a bright future as we experience the joys and challenges of following Jesus.