“Men Pursuing Their Higher Calling” Philippians 3:12-14 

VISION: “to create Christ likeness and lasting relationships that result in men becoming leaders of their home, family, church, work and community.”

MISSION: “to enable the men of Church of the Springs to be leaders thru training, Bible study, prayer, fellowship, mentoring, know how and opportunity”

The challenge toward Biblical Manhood is incredible! God’s ideal, God’s goal for men is one of incredible holiness, leadership and influence. We are to be leaders of our home, church and community – but to do that, Christ likeness must be our pursuit!

This higher calling of Biblical Manhood is pursued as you meet with other men who have the same vision as God does for our lives. Through our various types of men’s groups which focus on things such as accountability, Bible study, fellowship, mentoring and serving, and through activities such as conferences, retreats, and even sports, God puts us together to pursue Biblical Manhood. Find your place with us this week!

Accoutability: We believe that in today’s world, as men, we need to be in God’s Word, in prayer, and in relationships with friends who will hold us accountable in life.  We all need other men in our life who will call us to the table in our actions, and gently correct us when we are out of line.  On the same note, encourage us in areas of our life that we are doing well.  That type of accountablity comes through doing life together, and building relationships.